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Give yourself and the people you love something special. Book a course at our confectionary workshop and be inspired to work on the most beautiful creations under expert guidance. Or simply grab your best friends, mum, sisters or colleagues and become Cake Queens and Cake Kings together.

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Learn everything you need to know about cakes, tartlets & more from our master patissiers and let them teach you about the most beautiful and creative decorations as well as the best flavours. In addition to informative things, we also provide you with pots and mixing bowls so that your creation will really be yours and thus becomes a unique piece of baking art.

Our Cake-Pop courses are the ideal beginner events for cake fans and perfect for small groups who want to have a lot of fun. Crown your bachelorette party, your company event with your department or your 6 th to 66 th birthday party with this workshop. We will show you how to make the trendy cake lollipops that go perfectly with a latte macchiato, your party buffet at home or at the office. We will demonstrate how to make your favourite toppings and frostings and how you can inspire your creativity with the most beautiful decorations made of chocolate, sugar pearls, nuts, glaze lenses and chocolate coating in all colours, shapes and variations.

Duration: approx. ca. 1,5 – 2 hr
Preis: 59€ – p.P.

FFor more advanced hobby patissiers and those who would like to become such, we offer fondant courses. Here you will learn everything about the basic techniques of covering and decorating cakes and how to handle this wonderfully malleable sugar mass. Fondant, the French term for “melting”, stands for one of the most versatile main products for the production of beautiful cakes and cupcakes. Fondant is made from powdered sugar, water, syrup and gelatine and can be used to form figures, exotic flowers, butterflies and letters. With the right colouring, your creativity can easily reach new heights.

Duration: approx. 3 hr.
Preis: 79€ – p.P.

Of course, we also offer custom motif and wedding cakes to take away, which are produced in-house according to your wishes. Do you prefer something a bit more traditional with single or multi-storeys for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays? Or do you prefer something a bit more eccentric? How about that pink Chanel handbag shaped like a cake for mum’s 40 th birthday?! Or the football cake for the Hannover 96 fan?! A baking masterpiece as a colourful school bag for first graders is also received very well – your imagination and our skills don’t stop there. Our dessert specialists will be happy to advise you with all the details.

Price from: 49€


„Kaiserhof-Kaffee“ aus eigener Röstung im Café Centrale Im Café Centrale steht Qualität an oberster Stelle. Daher haben wir uns entschieden, unseren eigenen Kaffee, den „Kaiserhof-Kaffee“ zu entwickeln. Es entstand ein vollmundig-kräftiger Kaffee mit leichter Mandelnote und intensiven Röstaromen, der unser Frühstücksangebot und unsere Speisen perfekt ergänzt. Wer unseren Kaffee auch Zuhause genießen möchte, der kann ihn selbstverständlich als Espresso-Bohne oder Café Creme in 250g-Packungen und Filterkaffee in handlichen 500g-Packungen bei uns erwerben oder nach Hause liefern lassen.

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Kaiserhof Kaffee zum mitnehmen
Espresso Bohne (250gr ganze Bohne) EUR 7,90
Café Creme (250gr ganze Bohne) EUR 6,90
Filterkaffee (500gr gemahlene Bohne) EUR 8,90

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